Take It All Off

Hi beauties!

It’s our second post and I would like to welcome our newcomers as well as those who decided to come back, we are glad to see you again!

What’s on this week?


It’s super important to make sure you clean your face properly and carefully, leaving it make-up free and purified.  Daily cleansing beauty routine will ensure that your face is always clear, radiant and looking healthy. Also it prevents odd effects of pollution which may affect the looks of your skin.

Over the course of few months I was trying different cosmetics looking for best results, and now I will recommend my best picks to you.

Just one thing to note, I have normal to combination skin, so the effects may differ depending on your skin type, if you decide to go for one of the products. Always remember to buy products that will match your skin type for best results.


My number ONE is Perfectly Clean from Estée Lauder. I chose foam cleanser, although cream cleanser is also available. I tried both and must say that foam worked better for me, perhaps because cream cleanser is ideal for dry skin. Difference between the two is mainly in texture, and you use them slightly differently. It smells amazing and it’s a 2 in 1 product, as it’s also a mask. Foam cleanser is a purifying mask, while cream cleanser is a moisturizing mask. Both can be used AM and PM.

My number TWO is Total Renew.Oil Biosource from Biotherm. It’s an oily solution which you apply onto dry skin to remove make-up and free skin from pollution. Once you do that you apply water to create purifying foam. It leaves skin feeling fresh, clean and purified. I love it

My number THREE is Take the Day Off cleansing milk from Clinique. It’s a milky cleanser that can be used with or without water. I usually use it without. It dissolves make up and leaves your skin clean and soft. Usually you should follow Clinique 3 step skin care, but I think on it’s own it also does a great job.

Lastly, all kinds of micellar water solutions are essential. I personally like Eau Micellaire from La Roche-Posay. You should use it to clean your skin in the evening and in the morning before you put on your cream and make-up.

I hope some of you may find what you were looking for thanks to this post, and if you’re looking for more beauty dose come back next week.

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