Saturday Special

Hi beauties!

It´s Saturday, and if you are sitting at home and haven´t got much to do my post may just come in handy.

What´s on today?



Not only cosmetics believe it or not. Magazines, my iPhone as well as my watch also count as my beauty essentials. Let´s start with the magazines and iPhone. I stay connected majority of the time, not only here or Instagram. We live in times where everything can be found online. While I like to read newspapers and magazines, when I cannot actually get a tangible copy of such I go online. News, fashion, beauty? I find my sources online as well as in soft copy and read them practically everyday

My watch (DKNY), I am very well organized, I do practically everything with a clock in my hand, but I also value the time when I can relax. I always try to find a few minutes to have some rest. Naps and beauty sleep are my favorite! So, that is why I count my watch as one of my beauty essentials. Perhaps you´re the same?

Perfume and face mist! I am obsessed with these products. Ivoire by Balmain Paris and face mist from Bobbi Brown, I don´t want to exaggerate but in a way I cannot live without them. The smell of the perfume, and the refreshing feeling I get from the face mist, make these cosmetics my ultimate beauty essentials.

If you are wondering what Ivoire by Balmain Paris smells like, then the main accords are woody, green and powdery. It´s a very subtle yet defined smell. While the face mist has chamomile, green tea and cucumber extracts. I use it before I apply makeup and at times after.

Hence my beauties, these are my beauty essentials. I am curious to know about yours. Comment here or visit us on Instagram.

Till next time!

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