Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Hi beauties!

Valentine´s Day and in some places the day of Saint Valentine, the patron of love.  For some of you it´s a very special and important day, for others less.  Personally, I don´t pay much attention to Valentine´s Day, as I think that everyday is special enough to devote yourself to love.  Speaking of which …

What´s on today?


So many associate Valentine´s Day with couples, fancy dinner dates, roses, and so on.

We @mybeautydose believe that no love comes if you don´t love yourself first. We live in such fast paced world that at times we forget about ourselves. So, when was the last time you did something special just for yourself?

If you don´t remember or simply would like to do it again, we prepared a list of best products that will allow you to forget the world for the day/evening and just relax in your own comfort zone.  Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Light the candles, it´s time to begin!

 If you have a bath go to Lush and get yourself some bath bombs, but if like me you have shower only Sephora Cotton Flower body wash and L’Occitane Almond Shower Scrub will make your shower heavenly. The smell of the body wash is so soft and comforting, while the scrub leaves your skin soft and smooth. And, if you want to stick to more natural options such as soap and scrub, visit your local health shop and look for Savon de Provence, a soap made in the heart of the French Provence.


Once you showered, play some music, lay down and apply a face mask. My favorite is Pure Source Pearl sheet face mask from Missha. It’s important to apply face masks at least twice a week, not necessarily sheet masks as those contain rather thick nourishing substances and it’s better to use them once a week or even once every two weeks.


After 20-30 minutes take off your mask and massage the remaining liquid using a massage tool. With soft circular motion massage your face for 1-2 minutes. I bought mine in Spain, in a shop called Natura.


Once you have finished with your face massage, tap some face cream onto your skin. To brighten, moisturize and plump your face skin use Biotherm, Aquasource Everplump. It’s really worth trying. It is a bit pricey, but I can highly recommend it and it’s definitely worth saving your money for.

Remember it’s better to buy quality than quantity.


I love lip balms, however some lipsticks do great a job in moisturizing your lips. My number 1 is definitely Chanel Rouge Coco Shine. Again, it’s worth saving your money to buy one of those. However, home remedies are also amazing! Coconut oil is great for everything.


Finally spend some time doing your nails. At times it’s great to do your nails in a salon. Yet, nowadays you can do your nails at home just as pretty. For our Valentine’s Day special we chose light, subtle tones of pink from Essie.


I hope you will be inspired to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day! I wish you a great time and lots of fun beauties. Till next time!

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