Product Of The Month

Hi beauties!

We are introducing a new section on our blog, Product of the month. We are so excited to share our best pick of the month with you! A product that turned out to be so great that we had to tell you all about it.

So what´s on today?


Alright, you are probably wondering what is so amazing about it. Let´s say … EVERYTHING!

First of all we tried it on a few different skin types, and we found that it covers extremely well, without making your face look dull and there is no mask impression as it´s light. Secondly, we applied it in several ways. You can buy a Lancome brush to go with it if you wish, however a BeautyBlender or your hands will do the job just as well. The effect is still the same, great coverage, clear, radiant skin.

Also you gotta love Lancome, as this foundation is available in 40 different colours. That´s pretty cool, as it means you can match it with your skin colour perfectly!

It is advertised as the 24-hour wear foundation for a long-lasting and flawless complexion. And having tested it, we must agree. Perhaps 24 hours is slightly exaguarated, however it is long-lasting, at least for a full day at work or travelling, you name it.

Lastly, it smells great and it seems to be rather efficient. It is definitely a product that is worth investing your money in.


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