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Hi beauties!

H A P P Y   T U E S D A Y

Last week we shared our Product of the month with you here on the blog, and a sneak peek into this post on Instagram.

So what´s on today?


Whether you travel by plane often or not, at times all you´ve got is hand luggage, and you DO want to bring all your favorite cosmetics with you. Unfortunately with that 100 ml in one plastic bag restriction it might difficult to take it all. So, what do you do? Pick your favorites and leave the rest behind? Buy plenty of small travel size cosmetic containers and fill them up with your number 1s products? Or maybe simply search for a travel size version?

As a matter of fact lots of brands produce travel size versions of your favorite cosmetics. You may wonder if they are any good, and if they actually last? We cannot speak for all of them, but we decided to try some out and will continue doing so on our travels.

We tested, BIOTHERM travel set that contained a hydrating, tonifying toner, eye makeup remover and purifying foaming cleanser, as well as travel size CLINIQUE moisture surge overnight mask.

Firstly, is it worth spending money on cosmetics that small for a few days? How long do they last for? Good question!

I used these cosmetics between 3 different travels, each around 3 days, so 9 days all together and I still have a fair amount left. Considering their size, it´s not bad at all. Then again, I don´t wear heavy make up, as I prefer rather minimalist, natural look, so it may be different for some of you.

On the other hand our collaborator Miss M. used it all over 1 weeks holiday till last drop. Therefore it depends on your needs.

What is important to consider is that it´s better to buy a good quality travel size cosmetic rather than plenty of big size essentials when you reach your destination and leave them behind! Unless you can give them to people who really need them, do not waste!

Worst thing is when people buy cosmetics to throw them away after they leave their hotel room and so on.


Regarding quality, when it comes to skin care BIOTHERM has something for everyone. This particular set will leave you skin clear and purified. Especially the cleanser, it´s magic for normal to combination skin. It has a pearly look, and very soft texture. All three smell very nice. Eye makeup remover is a bit too oily, but it does it´s job quite well.


Moisture surge overnight mask from CLINIQUE is great. It really does leave your skin moisturized. It is not my favorite mask, yet I do like it a lot. As the name indicates you apply it before sleeping and leave it on. In the morning your skin is very smooth and looks healthy radiant.

That´s it for today beauties!

We will keep testing travel size cosmetics for you and post the best picks here on the blog!

Till next time


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