How To Shop Cosmetics?

Hi beauties!

Recently we have been receiving more and more feedback from you. And we are so happy to see that our beauty tribe is growing so fast!

We received a few questions that we thought are quite important to address.  Eventually they fall under the same question. So what´s on today?


We often speak about cosmetics which are quite pricey.  However, it does not mean that when we go shopping we spend tons of money.  It is important to be a conscious shopper. And we will try to give you a few simple steps to follow while shopping for cosmetics which usually fall outside your budget (or not).

TESTER TESTER: Don´t be afraid to ask for testers before you make a purchase. At times a generous bunch of testers can last for a good couple of weeks before you actually decide to buy a product.

RESEARCH: Here is a tip, if you know a product that you are interested in, first get to know the price in different shops and if it is not urgent for you to have it, you might want to wait until you are at an airport. Often cosmetics are far more cheaper in Duty Free shops.  The point is not to overpay for a cosmetic that may be much cheaper elsewhere.

AIRPORTS: As we already mentioned Airports, you may want to check for different sets that may be available exclusively at airports.  Sets tend to contain a couple of products at a much better price compared to a single product.

INTERNET: Buying cosmetics online is also a fantastic way of saving up on your purchases. Amazon might come in handy if you wish to buy online. It is safe and quick.

BUY LESS: This may sound funny coming from a beauty blogger, however you can afford to buy better quality cosmetics when you actually spend less money on cosmetics that you won´t use.  Do not buy cosmetics for the sake of buying! It is absolutely pointless.

We hope you will find these 5 tips useful while shopping and if you want more specific advice on beauty just leave us a comment or drop us an email.

Till next time!

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