Coachella Favourite Makeups


Hi beauties!

Coachella 2017, music and arts festival.  One of the biggest cultural event in the U.S. While many great performers are playing music on stage media focus on one more aspect of this festival, namely fashion and makeup.

Many photos on the dates of this event hit the headliners with some pretty funky styles to inspire the crowds.  While we saw some unusual and very creative makeup propositions this year we chose our favorite ones to share with you and here´s why.

Anne Hathaway kinda look, simple black eyeliner and rosy natural lips.  We always stress how natural looks are always the best looks. This makeup proposition stole our hearts showing that minimalism can be just as good!



Here we have natural highlighter glory.  Festive, funky, sexy, seducing look.  We love how the highlighter plays the main role here.  The gold factor definitely works for us giving this lady a glowing and radiant look




Braids and red lip.  Firstly let us say very girly, which we like.  Slightly bohemian yet very classy and natural look.  Let us say that red lips are our favorite makeup propositions for every occasion imaginable. 10 out of 10.



That´s all for today. We hope you can share your favorite looks with us! Comment or drop us a message.

Till next time!

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