Chanel Skin Care

Hi beauties! 

Autumn is here, yet everyday sunshine indicates that summer isn’t gone just yet.  In the meantime, BMD is testing cosmetics which we believe are worth sharing with you.

For over three months now I am testing Chanel skin care products to share my opinion with you.  While our last post was mainly about face creams, here we will take a look at a foaming gel cleanser and exfoliating gel.   So, what´s on today?


GEL PURETÉ foaming gel cleanser purity and anti-pollution and GOMMAGE MICROPERLÉ ÉCLAT extra radiance exfoliating gel.


Let´s begin with GEL PURETÉ foaming gel cleanser. And before I go into any more detail I must stress one very important thing. If you have dry skin, this product is not for you! However, if you have combination-to-oily skin here´s your match. And if like me you can call your skin dry-to-normal-to-oily depending on the season, you will find this product work wonders in the summer.

Ok, so what does it do?

Firstly, it cleanses and removes makeup.  Very little did I know, it´s de-polluting with the power of Tulip Tree Extract and the astringent properties of Meadowsweet Extract. Secondly, it helps eliminate excess sebum and control surface oils.  The foam formed from the gel is very gentle, light and leaves skin feeling heavenly refreshed. At the beginning I didn’t see any shocking results, but as I continued using it, my skin started looking better and better.

Another thing, this product is rather expensive, that is why I will consider whether or not to buy it again, perhaps I will be able to find something less pricey.

MICROPERLÉ ÉCLAT according to the description of the product it’s meant to refine skin texture, exfoliate, and leave your face smooth, silky and luminous. You’re meant to apply it by gently massaging entire face with small circular movements for one minute.

The product definitely works when it comes to leaving your face luminous and soft (silky), but I doubt it’s exfoliating properties, the beads are too big, too soft, I simply didn’t see it for myself.  If radiant complexion is what you want this product is for you, it’s definitely one of the reasons for which I will be buying this product in the future despite it’s price, which similarly to above is quite high.

Hope you’ll find it useful if ever considering buying any of the above. That’s all for now, see you soon for more!





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