Winter Remedies

Hi beauties!

When autumn is coming to an end and winter is just around the corner, with temperatures dropping lower and lower it’s very important to make sure you keep your skin protected at all times.

Skin damaged by cold becomes very dry, irritated, and redness occurs. The key is to pick the right cream for this season. Go for protective creams that will lock in the moisture. Make moisturising your daily mantra and don’t forget, sunscreen is not only for the summer. Always go for creams with a factor.

How about homemade remedies? 

Coconut oil and honey are our personal favourites! And as much as we like our avocados on the plates they also go well with honey to replenish your skin on a cold winter day. You can use these ingredients to make masks and scrubs. Here are a few ideas:

Lip scrub: 1 spoon of honey + 1 spoon of sugar

Face mask: Mashed avocado + 3 spoons of honey

Face mask: Coconut oil + 2 spoons of honey

Hair mask: Coconut oil + teaspoon of honey

In fact you can use any kind of oil or fruit to make a face mask! So work your imagination. And if you’re thinking about replenishing your hair, just remember that not all kinds of fruits are good for hair masks, as they might be hard to get out.

Till next time beauties!


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