Sun Oh Sun

Hi beauties!

My favourite time of the year is here, summer! 💛 With longer days and more time spent outside some of you may or may not (I hope not) use sunscreen protection. But hey! Why do some of us associate sunscreen protection only with the summer?

Honestly, I understand that hours of sun exposure call for some necessary steps to protect your skin. Especially if it reminds you of a milk bottle after a long winter, but harmful UV rays are affecting our skin not only in summer!

Lets start by stating the obvious that, sunscreen should never be restricted to summer alone.

Shielding your skin from the harsh sun rays is essential, and sunscreen does that job for you! Consider all the factors and start with pollution. Think about the fact that if you put your health at risk by exposing yourself to too much sun the harmful sun rays might actually lead to skin disorders. And who would want to risk that for a dose of Vitamin D?

There are other possible reasons you might want to consider. Like that fact that excessive sun exposure leads to premature ageing of the skin cells, which means that you might end up having wrinkles and fine lines much earlier than you actually should. Other reasons for which you should consider using sunscreen everyday is that is lowers skin cancer risk and blotchiness.

Most importantly, it prevents you from tanning. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go sunbathing, but keep in mind that it protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet UVB rays.

Lastly, proteins such as collagen, keratin and elastin are protected by sunscreen, And these are vital for keeping the skin smooth and healthy.

Using creams with an SFP and/or sunscreen is essential for maintaining a healthy looking skin, so make sure you find the right one for your skin type. Do some research, or ask your dermatologist what creams you should opt for and don’t go another day without protecting your beautiful skin.

Till next time!






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