Coconut Dream

Hi, beauties!

I guess we can all agree that coconut oil works wonders¬†ūü••¬†I’ve never written anything about the advantages of coconut oil, I guess that’s next on the list, but today I’d like to write about a product that I literally fell in love with.¬ģ SEA SALT COCONUT gentle & brightening face scrub


One of the coolest things is that this product hasn’t been tested on animals, it has been tested on people, and unlike other products, you don’t have to go looking for this information as it is clearly marked on the label. It contains a lot of natural ingredients, like, coconut, rosehip, purified water, shea butter and so on.

Let’s cut to the chase, why am I so obsessed with it. First of all of it deep clean pores and the effects (at least for me) were visible after first use. The scrub is very light and has almost a buttery-like texture. ¬†Its tiny particles don’t upset your skin, unlike coarse-grained¬†scrubs. My skin feels soft and refreshed after use.

I don’t use it on daily basis (more like every 2-3 days) but, I’m sure that if you’d like to use it as part of the daily routine you could.

Another advantage is the SIZE, it’s so efficient. I bought it around March and I still haven’t used a half of it. You don’t need to use much to get the desired effect.

There is one thing in my opinion that’s an advantage and at the same time a disadvantage. While the scrub is gentle on the skin, the particles can stay on your face after you rinse-off. I often find them around my ears and the dry sandy texture can be a bit annoying. Other than that, there is nothing else I could complain about, you can regard my last comment as being picky because as I said before I absolutely love it.

And last (but perhaps not the least thing you’ll find about that product if you ever decide to use it) is the smell. It’s so soft and subtle. However, if you’re expecting the product to smell like coconut oil, it does not. It does smell like coconut, but also has a touch of shea butter notes. For me, it smells like summer by the beach trapped in a jar.

Feel free to drop a question or a suggestion, as to what you’d like to read next.

That’s it for now.

Till next time!



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