91st Academy Awards- The Best of Hair and Makeup

Hi beauties!

The Oscars, one of the biggest and most recognised awards in the film industry. Today’s hot topic, as everyone is talking about it. Some are happy as their favourites won, others discuss the event with a hint of disappointment. And while the whole event is focused on celebrating the art of film making, fashion and makeup have always played an important role in this event. Back in the day, all eyes were focused on icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. While now we have a variety of actresses and actors trying to mesmerise the public with their outfits each year, getting recognition for their efforts from various media. Millions of people watch the event and follow the news coverage to see the ceremony and the fantastic creations that ladies and gentlemen attending the awards wear.

After watching this spectacular event, I prepared a short list of my ultimate favourite looks from the 91st Academy Awards gala. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I present you with  seven best hair and makeup according to My Beauty Dose blog 🎉

My number 1. is the wife of the film director Pawel Pawlikowski, supermodel Malgosia Bela, who looked absolutely stunning. She chose a very classy look, which almost matched the era in her husband’s movie Cold War.

Screenshot 2019-02-25 at 12.03.39.png
My second favourite is Glenn Close, who matched her subtle makeup with her beautiful gold Carolina Herrera gown. Not only she’s a great actress, but she’s also an essence of timeless beauty. My Beauty Dose approves!

The third favourite is the BlackkKlansman actress, Laura Harrier, who wore her eyeshadow to match her gown and in a way brought me back to the noughties when blue eyeshadow was the thing. Two thumbs up! My beauty dose loves the look.

My fourth favourite is Charlize Theron, who underwent a major makeover and took me by surprise when she arrived on the red carpet in brown hair. Her look matched her Dior gown beautifully. Very classy and chic! Loved the red lipstick.

The fifth fav is Brie Larson, who nonchalantly presented herself wearing a beautiful rocker metallic Celine by Hedi Slimane gown. The earthy browns in the makeup really added to the overall look. Also, the hair 😍 My Beauty Dose is a big fan of Brie and the look!


The sixth favourite is Irina Shayk with a very simplistic look. Not even sure what to say about it, it’s just so classy and simply beautiful. Two thumbs up!


And lastly in the My Beauty Dose ranking is J.Lo herself! With her signature bronze makeup, which is always on fleek.


That’s it beauties! Do you have your favourites among the list? Or perhaps I’ve missed someone out? Comment below or drop me a message 📨

Till next time!

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