Hand Care For Dry And Rough Skin

Hi beauties! 

First of all, let me to officially welcome spring! So happy the season of blooming flowers is here (or at least in the northern hemisphere, pardon me if you’re reading for elsewhere). Days are getting longer and the sun! Oh, you cannot imagine how happy I am  

I promised this article a while back. However, I decided to write about it now for a reason. Personally, in-between-seasons is the worst time for my skin. This time of the year when days can be still cold or warm and sunny, the skin, especially on my hands, suffers. Like, seriously! If my hands could cry, they would.

My skin is dry and rough, and no matter what cream I use, it just doesn’t seem to work. My hands are beautiful and soft for a couple of minutes, and then they go all dry again! Uggghh, how annoying right?

If you’re struggling with dry and rough skin, I learned how to tackle this issue, and I’m happy to share it with you.

What you’ll need is:

  • an exfoliator
  • rich hand cream
  • gloves or socks

Alternatively, you can use a glove hand mask, but I prefer DYI home remedies, so I’ll walk you through my method.

I guess you already know what to do, but let me tell you when and how to do it. I prefer to do this hand treatment overnight, but if you don’t want to you can do 30 minutes or more.

First, you need to exfoliate your hands, scrub well to remove all the dead skin. Don’t use water that’s too hot or too cold, use lukewarm instead. Keep in mind that high and low temperatures can really affect your skin. To help keep is balanced, be it hands, or face you should always use lukewarm water.

Once you’ve exfoliated, you should proceed to apply the cream and don’t be shy! You can use as much as you want. I usually apply a thick layer, as I find that my skin is rather thirsty and my hands absorb a lot of the cream.

Once you’ve applied the cream, you can put on your gloves/socks and go to sleep or wait for 30 minutes/1 hour.

Once you take them off your hands will be beautifully nourished, and you can forget about dry and rough skin once and for all.

Let me know if it worked for you or if you have any other methods. Very curious to hear from you.

Till next time beauties!




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